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3 on 3/3: Three Services at Bay Hills

Something great is happening at Bay Hills.

On February 4th, there were 28 new baptisms. Things are not slowing down. Every week, new guests are finding their way to our church: new faces, new souls, new participants in our revival. New guests bring with them all the excitement, worry, and questions that come with a new church home. Questions about what we believe, questions about our programs and services, questions about our style of music, questions about the message, and most importantly, questions about Jesus. However, growth creates one very unique challenge on a Sunday morning. Every new guest is ultimately asking one simple question: “Is there a place for me here?”

Of course, we want our answer to be a resounding: “Yes!”
…But if we don’t make a change, soon the answer will be “no.”

Every time a guest struggles to find a seat or has to be seated outside of the Worship Center or within the far edges of the room, it communicates that “we are at capacity.” It tells every new guest and potential member that we’re content with the current limits of our revival. If we are serious about our mission to help each person take their next step closer to Jesus, then this has to change, and it has to change soon.

3 on 3/3

For these reasons, we have decided to launch an additional service starting on Sunday, March 3rd. The new service times will be as follows:
  1. 8:30a
  2. 10:00a
  3. 11:30a
God is doing something special here, and we're grateful to all of you for being a part of it. So here's everything you need to know about the move to three services...

Kids Programming

On Sunday, we launch three services; kids ministry will be available at 8:30a for nursery to three-year-olds. For parents who have kids with earlier nap times, the 8:30a service should be appealing, especially since we will be providing breakfast for your kids at the 8:30a service for the first 3 months of the launch (Mar-May). Our full programming for all kids will be available at 10:00a and 11:30a on day one of the launch on 3/3. Full programming at 8:30a for all kids will begin on Easter Sunday.

We Need Your Help

In order to continue to provide the same excellent programming and services across all services, we need your help. This is NOT the time to sit on the sidelines. Every member at Bay Hills should be prepared to roll-up their sleeves and be ready to serve. When we all pull our weight, the weight isn't so heavy. When only a few are pulling the weight, it can be disastrous for a church.  

Email our Next Steps Director, Jenny Santiago, for information on serving opportunities and becoming a team member.


If Possible, Attend 8:30a
If only for a season, we ask that you make the move to 8:30a if your family life can accommodate it. Help us make room at the other services until they establish their equilibrium. A process that typically takes about 8-10 Sundays.

Team Member Parking
We ask that all Team Members (volunteers) park on the far side of the parking lot (near Ross and McDonalds) to ensure ample parking space for guests beginning on 3/3. Make room for those looking for a church home and looking to take their next steps.

Final Thoughts

Prepare for the energy drop, and remember it’s only temporary. All three services will feel more empty and have less energy at first. However, in one of the great paradoxes of church growth, those half-empty rooms give Bay Hills a higher likelihood for growth in the days ahead than a full Worship Center did. The room will fill again with time, and the energy will return — but this time, by God’s grace, it will be multiplied by three.

Lastly, remember, this is why we exist! Adding services means we’re multiplying the impact and sustainability of our revival and what God is doing: which is growing Bay Hills! It’s why we should move our attitude from griping to gratitude. It’s ironic that many church members resent the need to pivot, step-up, and be flexible simply because God has done the very thing we've prayed for! A posture of gratitude understands that He is entrusting us with this growth. Rather than lamenting that we “have” to go to three services, we look forward to the continued future growth He has planned for Bay Hills.

We are the revival.

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Todd Miller - February 13th, 2024 at 6:41pm

I'm so proud of Bayhills!!

It's been my Spiritual home for over 20 years now.. With our current leadership..God is doing amazing things through and in all of us.. REVIVAL IS HERE, NOW!!!