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Take Your Next Step

At Bay Hills Church, we want to help you take your next step closer to Jesus. We all have a different next step, and we want to help you find yours. For some, that might mean deciding to check out Bay Hills this Sunday, for others that might mean signing up for a small group. Or maybe you're ready to take a step towards strengthening your marriage, improving your finances, learning to be a better parent, or getting spiritually healthy. No matter where you're at or what you've been through, we want to help you take your next step. 
We'd love to partner with you on your journey.
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Have you decided to say Yes to Jesus?

If you've taken the step of accepting Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior, we want to walk alongside you in your journey.
If you want to know more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him, we want to help you too.
Whatever step you're on, we have lots of resources for you and we'd love to connect with you. Click below for more info.

Are you interested in knowing more about baptism?

Do you have questions about baptism? From what it means down to the logistics of when and how it happens, we want to help take away some of the guesswork. We'd love to help you take your next step towards baptism. Click below to find out more.

Connect to others

There are a lot of ways you can take your next step toward getting connected with others but one of the best is trying out a small group. We believe that small groups are a great way to take a step towards getting to know other people and getting connected. At Bay Hills, we offer a variety of types of small groups both online and in person so you can find one that fits you. Looking for an activity group to go hiking or a small group that focuses on a book of the Bible? We got you covered.
Want to learn more? Go to our Small Groups page or contact our Small Groups Pastor Josh.
We also have ways for your Kids and Students to connect too!

Connect to Bay Hills

We want to invite you to be a part of Team Bay Hills and a big part of what that means is finding a place to volunteer. We believe God has called us to use our unique gifts and abilities to serve each other and to serve the church. Volunteering also allows you to meet new people as you work alongside them. There are a lot of different ways to serve in the church and we also have opportunities to serve our community through our Bless the Bay events.
Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities? Visit our Volunteer page. Not sure what would be a good fit for you? Try taking a Spiritual Gifts test.
A great next step toward connecting to Bay Hills is through Growth Track.

connect to god

Are you ready to take your next step closer to Jesus? Whether you're trying to figure out who Jesus is or you've been a Christian for many years, we all have a next step we can take in our spiritual walk.
For information about who Jesus is what He is about, go to What We Believe.
If you've recently committed your life to Christ, visit our I Said Yes to Jesus page for resources about what it looks like to be a new believer and information on baptism and other next steps you can take.
If you're looking to deepen your faith, try a Bible reading plan or getting involved in a Bible study.

We want to connect with you

The best first step to getting connected is to fill out a Connection Card. With this form you can let us know how we can best help you, whether it's information on kids and parenting, how to get connected in a small group, and more. We'll also be able to keep you informed of what's happening at Bay Hills.

Connect through Growth Track

One of the best next steps you can take towards getting to know Bay Hills and making it your home is to join us at Growth Track.
Growth Track allows you to learn more about who Bay Hills is, what we believe, and how you can be a part of it. Want to get connected in a small group? We'll help you get plugged in. Ready to serve but not sure where? You'll get a chance to take a spiritual gifts test. Ready to make Bay Hills your home? You can start your journey to membership.