Due to current restrictions in regards to COVID-19, all in person events will be outdoor and socially distanced. We ask that you wear your mask when attending any event.


Baptism is not saying you know everything in the Bible, or that you've fully cleaned your life up. The decision to be baptized is, simply put, a public declaration of your personal decision to accept, receive, and follow Jesus. Welcome to the family!

Child Dedications

Child dedication is a public declaration of your commitment to raise your child up within the church, teaching them the ways of Jesus, and allowing the church to partner with you in your parenting. It is an honor to help you love and guide your child as he/she grows.
If you are interested in being baptized or you just have questions, fill out our Digital Connection Card. We'd love to talk with you.
If you are interested in child dedications or just have questions,
email our Family Pastor Kevin Mahaffy.