"Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone." 

Mark 16:15 (NLT)

As followers of Jesus, we are called to share the life of Jesus in both WORD and DEED in the Bay Area, our state of California, in the United States, and around the World. We do this locally and globally by partnering with missionaries and organizations. Our dream is to see countless lives transformed by the renewing work of Jesus and that their needs would be holistically met. 
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Partner with Bay Hills to Bless a Family

Partner with Bay Hills this holiday season to Bless a Family. Nominate a family within Bay Hills that you think would benefit from a Christmas blessing and help us facilitate what they need. Fill out the form below to get started.
Help bless a family by packing a Christmas dinner. Pick up a bag and list on Sunday mornings and return by December 11. Or provide a monetary donation to go towards gift cards for Christmas gifts.
Thank you for your generosity Bay Hills!


Bay Area Rescue Mission, Bay Area

We start with the basic essentials of homeless services: a hot meal, a clean bed, warm clothing and any other critical care they need to begin recovering from homelessness, addiction and poverty. Once their basic needs are met, we focus on their long-term recovery. Our Life Transformation programs give men and women the practical tools and training, and spiritual guidance, to overcome their struggles for a stable, independent tomorrow.
For more info, visit www.BayAreaRescue.org
To volunteer with BARM, visit HERE.

Compassion in Action, Bay Area

Jesus proclaimed in His first sermon that He came to bring good news to the poor and set the opposed free. Our Compassion In Action ministry seeks to care for the marginalized groups of our day by offering serving opportunities for our congregation in the Bay Area.
For more information, email CIA@bayhills.net

Spreading the Love of Jesus Ministry, Bay Area

With the goal of reaching the physical need to fill the spiritual need, Spread The Love Of Jesus Ministry provides food for friends and neighbors who are struggling financially. Today, Spreading The Love Of Jesus Ministry provides over 700 meals to individuals and families on a monthly basis.

Jesse & Linda Castillo, Bay Area

Jesse and Linda Castillo have been involved in local ministry and missions for many years but God has called them to serve people serving others both locally and abroad. Together they are training leaders to take teams on short and long term missions trips, as well as working with those that are becoming long-term missionaries to properly train them before leaving for the mission field.


Wells for Life, India

Wells for Life is committed to providing fresh, safe drinking water to rural communities. Michael Viser is currently helping smaller villages get wells installed. He is also aiding smaller villages in setting up small micro loan programs.
For more information, email Michael or visit www.WellsForLife.org

Kelly Kosky, South Africa

Kelly and his family have been ministering to the tribal Xhosa people, have helped run a large AIDS clinic, a children's shelter, and a Bible college.
For more info, email Kelly at Kelly@KellyKoskyMinistries.com

Tristan & Elizabeth Mohagen, Honduras

The Mohagen's are volunteer directors of "El Ayudante," a ministry that works with the talents of teams coming in to serve the needs of a very poor region of Honduras. Their mission is to bring hope and change lives through humanitarian and spiritual aid to the surrounding communities. They strive to love with both words and actions!
For more information, email the Mohagen's or visit www.ElAyudanteInHonduras.com

Homeless Rescue Services, Worldwide

Homeless Rescue Services supports the work of 19 outreach organizations around the world. These organizations care for the homeless, unemployed, drug addicted, prostitutes, lepers, and other exploited people.
For more information, visit www.HomelessRescue.org

Rich Frazer, SOS International, Worldwide

Through SOS International, Rich oversees the training and equipping of thousands of global Christian leaders each year by discovering their essential training needs and matching them with an experienced and prepared equipper. SOS International has trained Christian leaders in 92 countries on more than 1000 short and long-term training assignments since 1979. Currently SOS International is focusing on preparing indigenous trainers in several countries in Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean for effective leadership and fruitful ministry.
For more information, visit www.SOSInternational.us

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