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Reading your Bible is one way to grow in your faith. Whether you're facing anxiety and fear, or want to learn more about who Jesus is—when we read the Bible, we can experience peace, encouragement, hope, and direction.


When you read a passage out of the Bible, focus on these four things:

What does it say?
Read the passage through a couple of times to discover what God is saying.

What does it mean?
Think through what God is telling you to understand the meaning of the passage.

What do I do?
 Apply the word to your life by deciding what God wants to change or work in your life through the passage.

Pray with your reading and throughout the day that you would live for God.

31 Day Bible Reading Plan

A great way to start reading the Bible is this 31 Day Bible Reading Plan.

For easy daily access, download the Bay Hills app and find the 31 Day Bible Reading Plan under the On Demand section.
You can also download a copy of the 31 Day Bible Reading Plan.