Sunday Groups

Painting Group

Do you have a passion to spread a little anonymous joy around town through art? 

Join us for our rock painting group every Sunday.

Mixed Group, 2pm

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Golf Group

Are you in need of a little stress relief? 

Swing for the fences at Franklin Canyon on Sunday afternoons. 

Mixed Group, 3pm, in Hercules

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1 Peter led by Bob Baum and Marie Bowman

"Walk the Talk". How can you be holy within an immoral culture?

How do you function in a society where Christians are an oppressed minority?

Mixed Group, 4pm, in Hercules

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Spiritual Disciplines led by The Curry's

Are you ready to take your next step closer to Jesus? 

Developing Spiritual Disciplines is one of the best ways grow in your faith. 

Married w/kids, 5pm in Hercules

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Apologetics for High School Students

"Is Genesis History?"  shines new light on our origins, providing a positive argument for Biblical Creation.

High School students, 6pm, The Church

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