Saturday Groups

Forgotten God led by Bob & Linda Miller

"Forgotten God" by Francis Chan reminds us of the true source of the church's power, the Holy Spirit. 

Mixed Group, 9am, in Rodeo

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Hiking Group

Are you wanting to get off the couch and enjoy God's creation?

Then join our hiking group on Saturday Mornings!

Mixed Group, 9am, Various Hiking Locations

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Air-Soft Group

Do you love playing video games? Then GO LIVE by playing air-soft.

Mixed Group, One Saturday a Month, 10am, in Antioch

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Fishing Group

Relax, reflect, and cast your cares away by fishing!

Be part of the fishing group!

Mixed Group, 2nd Saturday, Early AM

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Running Group

Do you like to run, jog or speed walk? 

Then be part of the fastest group in the church. 

Mixed group, 9am

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