We exist to help everyone take their next step closer to Jesus. 

Every action we take starts here:


  • God

    We believe that God is the creator of all things. We believe that God is all loving, all knowing, and perfect in every way. We believe in one God who is everywhere at every time, and exists as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (commonly referred to as the Trinity).

  • the bible

    We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word and has all the answers to the questions, struggles, and choices we face in our lives. We believe we should regularly read, study, and obey the Bible, so we can learn about God, develop our faith, and grow in our relationship with Jesus.

  • jesus

    We believe God walked among us 2,000 years ago as the man called Jesus of Nazareth. We believe Jesus was both God and man We believe Jesus lived a perfect life, sacrificed himself, and then rose from the dead to provide a way for us to be with God in heaven.

  • holy spirit

    We believe that the Holy Spirit draws people toward Jesus and challenges Christ-followers to live with godly character. he Spirit guides, instructs, and empowers us in our walk with God.

  • the church

    We believe that Jesus has chosen to use the church to spread His message. The Bible commands us to fulfill His mission of reaching out to those who do not know Him and His mission of helping everyone grow in their commitment and faith.

  • salvation/end times

    We believe that only those people who accept and trust in the work of Jesus can be saved. We believe Jesus will return again. He will call His followers to himself and He will judge those who have decided not to believe. We believe everyone will live eternally, at a place based upon his or her beliefs while alive. We do not have these convictions because we think we are better than anyone else, but simply because that is what the Bible teaches.

  • christian living

    We believe that it is crucial for Christ-followers to grow in three specific areas: what we believe (knowledge), what we do (actions), and who we are (attitudes). No one is perfect in his or her spiritual maturity and we must constantly strive to grow into what God wants for us.